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Renegade Health Monthly Newsletter will be dedicated to creating, condensing and promulgating relevant and novel information as well as updates on the current state of healthcare. This will include new FDA approvals, International Guideline Updates, community health literacy options and much more.

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Pharmacotherapy tools and resources

There are several resources, references and tools scattered across the internet related to healthcare and treatment. Here we are continually creating a comprehensive database of these tools and resources which will help medical providers increase competence,  efficiency and overall quality of care. 


Diabetes care and outcomes improvement

Our Main Project! ( probably why youre here)

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Pharmacotherapy Lectures and Notes

Renegade Health Solutions has paired with CorConsult Rx, LLC to provide pharmacotherapy lectures for pharm, med, PA, and NP students. These include a vast majority of major and relevant disease states.